How the whole process works?
From clicking the 'order' button to receiving your item
How the whole process works?
From clicking the 'order' button to receiving your item

How It Works
Fill in the form
You like one of Oriole's products and want to see it in your wardrobe? Amazing! Just fill in the form by clicking the 'Order Form' button on the page of the item that you liked. The form will request some key information, such as your name, phone number, email and preferred way of communication. The form can easily be filled within less than a minute. On our website we don't use a payment page, as Oriole's team wants to chat to our clients to help them choose the best size and delivery option before the payment. We love making everything perfect and want to make your customer journey as enjoyable as possible!

After you have inserted all the key information, just hit the 'send' button and wait for magic to begin.
Wait for a reply
Oriole's team tries its best to reply to all clients requests within 1 - 2 hours after the form submission (working hours are between 9am and 10pm). The team will check your request and then will contact you via the preferred way of communication that you have chosen on the form. If you have decided to order any of our pyjamas (great choice by the way), the team will ask you for more detailed measures to sew a perfect and persanolised set of clothes. In case you order any product other than pyjamas, detailed measures will not be needed. We will just consult you on the best size to choose.
Payment and delivery
After our team has received all information needed, magic begins. We strart to sew your dream clothes. For the process to start we will ask you to pay 50% of the final price. Once the piece is ready, we will send you a video of the completed piece of clothing and after your approval and payment of the rest 50% we will send the Oriole clothes to you.
Note: The payment can be made upfront if the client does not want to pay in 2 instalments.
As a piece of clothing is sewn according to individual measurements (pyjamas), the client cannot return the piece if the originally given measurements are incorrect. Other pieces of clothing can be returned or exchanged for an extra fee.
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