Answers to frequently asked questions
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Answers to frequently asked questions

What is the return policy?
Customers can return or exchange an item for a shipment fee, which is around $20-$25 depending on the location. However, do not worry that the clothes will not fit you and you will have to pay for the return. Our team contacts every single customer after the order placement in order to discuss and confirm the size, so there are no return on this basis. Moreover, all of our pyjamas are sewed based on the individual parameters, so it fits perfectly. While our home wear sets are designed in such a way, so it is almost impossible for them not to fit (shorts have an elastic band, while the shirt is designed to be oversized for a maximum comfort). So there is nothing to worry about. Oriole's team is trying to make the whole process as smooth as possible for customers.
When will I receive my item?
Oriole's dresses, tops and home wear costumes are of standard sizes: S, M and L and sewed based on already existing measurements. However Oriole creates the products on demand, meaning that it will take around 5 - 7 days to create a completely new piece of closing after a customer places an order. When the product is ready we will send to a client pictures and a video of the piece for the approval. After it is been approved, Oriole's team packages and ships the product straight away. Oriole's seamstresses operate from Belarus, meaning that it will take around 10-14 days for the package to arrive to a client due to the international shipment. But trust us, Oriole's products are worth the wait!

When a client orders a pyjamas for her/himself or for a kid, it takes approximately the same period of time to receive it on a client's end. Oriole's pyjamas are sewed based on the individual measurements and the sewing process takes up to a week after a client has provided our team with all the measurement details. After pyjamas is ready and shipped, it takes around 10-14 days to get to a client.
Can I return/exchange items?
You can return the product or exchange it for a fee. We are happy to replace the product in case it is been damaged during the shipment (then a fee will not apply).

Note: Unfortunately, we do not offer a refund or return if you are not happy with the size. All of Oriole pyjamas are sewed based on customer's individual measures and if all the measures provided were correct - it should fit perfectly. In case the detailes provided were incorrect, we cannot take the item back. However, if the item have been damaged due to shipment, we will be happy to send you a new one. Regarding home wear, dresses and tops - before paying for the product, our team will have a chat with you and will you to choose a perfect size.
What size do I order?
We value all of our customers and would like to give you a personalised advice in case you face such an issue and not sure what size would fit better. Please text/DM us on Imstagram or Whatsapp (+447479033650) and our team will be happy to help.
Can I cancel/change my order?
Customers can add extra items to an existing order, but unfortunately customers cannot cancel or fully change the order after it is been placed. All cases are very individual, so please do not hesitate to contact Oriole's team and ask for more details.
How is product made?
We do not use any machinery to sew our products, every single piece is handmade by one of our seamstresses. It is very important for our team that our clients get the best products possible, that is why we pay a lot of attention to every single detail. Every piece of Oriole's closing is made with lots of love. This approach allows us to sew pyjamas based on the individual measures and be different from the majory of other companies. Moreover, we use only natural, soft and breathable materials, so you always feel the comfiest and the trendiest.
Do you provide a gift packaging?
All of our products arrive in gift packaging. Oriole's team loves creating a small celebration for every single customer. Oriole's pieces are unique and we want you to feel it at the first glance. The packaging is simple and sophisticated, but still very impressing, just like clothes from Oriole.
We Provide Value
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
High Quality
We are using only high-quality materials and all our clothes is made with attention to every single detail. Oriole's seamstresses spend at least 12 hours to create just one peace of clothing. We love what we do and it is clearly seen through the products that our clients receive.
Good Support
Our managers are always happy to answer your questions. We care about our clients' happiness and convinience.
Individual Approach
Oriole is one of these rare companies who offer the clients more personalised clothing. If you buy pyjamas from Oriole, our team will ask you for more detailed measurements, so our seamstresses can sew a pyjama set, which will can fit your figure.
Note: All other types of clothing is offered in standard sizes.
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