Oriole Collection
Our team sews pyjamas based on individual measurements, so it perfectly fits you.
Some Words About Us
The basic concept of Oriole Collection clothes is the combination of comfort and fashion. Oriole's clothes consist of natural and highest quality fabrics.
Some words about the brand
The basic concept of Oriole Collection clothes is the combination of comfort and fashion. Oriole's clothes consists of natural and highest quality fabrics.
More products
More products
About Oriole Collection
Oriole Collection is a brand founded in Belarus by 4 sisters. The key brand's aim is to share love, coziness and warmth through the products. All of our products are handmade by highly professional seamstresses. Oriole pays a lot of attention to every single detail, around 14 hours are spend on creation of just one piece of clothing. We want our customers to feel unique and special when wearing Oriole's clothes. Oriole Collection is a premium brand, which uses only the highest quality materials and pays a lot of attention to customers satisfaction.
We are proud of our products
We produce clothes only from best quality italian fabric.
We offer you comfortable and stylish design for everyday wear.
All our clothes are handmade and created with love and high attention.
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Meet Our Team
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and make our clients happy
Kristina Tayanka
Founder & Designer
Olga Shkrobova
Senior Sales Manager
Ekaterina Sapoznikova
Designer & Seamstress
Evgenia Tayanko
Sales Manager
Why Choose Us?
We are using only high-quality materials and all our clothes is made with attention to every single detail. Oriole's seamstresses spend at least 12 hours to create just one peace of clothing. We love what we do and it is clearly seen through the products that our clients receive.
Our managers are always happy to answer your questions. We care about our clients' convinience.
Individual approach
Oriole is one of these rare companies who offer the clients more personalised clothing. If you buy pyjamas from Oriole, our team will ask you for more detailed measurements, so our seamstresses can sew a pyjama set, which will can fit your figure.
Note: All other types of clothing is offered in standard sizes.
Contact us:
Phone: +48796591209
Email: ukoriole@gmail.com
Instagram: oriolecollection_UK
WhatsApp/Telegram: +447479033650
Minsk, Belarus
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